Emerald Guardians

Although the original info can be a bit harder to find these days, it’s there for those who seek it. I learned a bit about the Guardians through my discovery of the Freedom Teachings & Keylontic Science. I found this extraordinary information on the Azurite Press website. While that website is longer active, you can still find much of the original work of Ashayana Deane here. 

Although it’s always resonated with me, I still feel like I’m waiting for some sort of perfectionist state-of-being in order to feel that I’ve properly absorbed and integrated the teachings. This is a challenge I continue to work through.

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It might sound silly, but please avoid this Astrological blunder..

Like I said, it might seem a bit silly or unimportant, but please avoid internalizing or drawing the Astrological symbol for Taurus like this. By this, I’m talking about the way it looks in the first two pics below. It’s actually meant to be drawn with a crescent shape sitting atop a circle. This makes perfect sense, because the Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus. To exalt means ‘to raise to a higher status,’ and when drawn correctly, the crescent sitting on the circle looks very much like a crown. The strange and inaccurate versions below look more like bug heads with antennae. It appears as though repetition & stereotyping have led to an unfortunate perception of Taurus. Rather than signaling as a down-to-Earth benefic sign, Taurus is often de-scribed & subsequently perceived as the slightly-dimwitted simpleton. To pour proverbial salt on the wound, it’s commonly believed that a Taurus only cares about material wealth, food and hyper-punctuality. Even if this were the case, the bug antennae would still have to go. My hope in addressing this error is that it might be a step towards changing some of these oversimplified, negative-leaning perceptions. This could perhaps pave the way for more signs to get a better, more righteous representation. I am well aware of other unflattering stereotypes that are attached to several other zodiac signs and I plan to address them in time. While it’s true that every sign carries ‘negative’ traits, it is fully unacceptable for any sign to be labeled and perceived as the sign’s absolute worst trait potentials.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am a native Taurean. By this I mean that Taurus is my Sun sign. The Sun sign is all that most people know about themselves in regards to Astrology here in the West, but it’s certainly not the only placement with this much significance in someone’s natal chart. The Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, is just as important. Some even say the Ascendant has more influence than the Sun sign or any other placement. This however, is an entirely new topic that I can’t wait to cover in another entry. My hope is that some of my research and insights into Astrology over the last 25 years can help someone along the way, as well as serve as a journal and personal record of what I’ve learned and continue to learn about this ancient science.
It’s interesting to note that Taurus is considered a highly spiritual sign in esoteric traditions. The bull itself has been revered for millennia, even to that of god-like status. In India, bovine are considered highly sacred and they are certainly not part of the edible world.

In conclusion; depicting Taurus with this strange bastardization of it’s original, ancient glyph is wildly inaccurate. Show an ancient bull some respect, eh?

Avoid glyphs like pic #1 and #2 below:

Incorrectly drawn symbol for Taurus.
Pic #1: Please…no.
Image 1. Incorrectly drawn symbol for Taurus.
Pic #2: A little better but still wrong.

The following four images (Pics# 3-6) depict a better, more accurate rendition of the Taurean symbol/glyph. Do you agree? Comment below!

A correct rendition of Taurian symbol.
Pic #3: Yes! This is more like it. Please; no more bug heads or antennas 🐂🟡💫
Pic 4. Correct symbol for Taurus.
Pic #4: Yes, a beautiful rendition of the Taurean symbol.
Drawing High Priestess. Similar to symbol Taurus. Pic 5.
Pic #5: Interesting to note are similarities between Taurus and the High Priestess Tarot card. She is almost always card number two, and Taurus is the second zodiac sign on the wheel.This is not an official indoctrination but there are many instances where the two seem ‘connected.’
Pic #6: An interesting take on the Taurean glyph. It is precise and has a vintage vibe. It looks like a protractor and compass were used which gives it a sense of authenticity. My opinion, of course.

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How does one know if they’ve entered 5D, more commonly referred to as the 5th dimension?

Lately, I’ve been seeing more people saying they have entered 5D… I’ve read bits and pieces about this phenomenon, which is similar and perhaps the same thing as Ascension to some people. The hope of Ascension is something that so many are talking about these days…

Can anyone can tell me why someone might think they’ve switched over to living in a 5D world? What are some of the clues or happenings that would give someone this notion? Please share what you know or might have heard about this! Any info is much appreciated. I’m genuinely curious and would love to discuss this with people who are familiar with this subject. Heck, even if you don’t know anything about this, please feel free to comment.

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For Amazing Soul Growth: Just add 2 tsp fear and 1 tsp pain!

It’s usually through pain that the biggest changes are made, the biggest challenges overcome and the most memorable parts of our lives forged.

Forged in pain.

My question to the Universe for the longest time has been why? Why do we have to suffer for our growth and progress? Why does suffering seem necessary for growth?

All too often you see growth slowly stop in an individual. I’m not talking about physical growth. I’m talking about personal growth~~the intangible kind.

We might assume growth stops out of fear of the pain associated with it. Personally, I think every single negative aspect of life is generated by fear when broken down to it’s simplest form. So it looks like fear and specifically the fear of pain is what we have to thank for stunting our most amazing growth. This has never sat right with me and my aim is to get some insight through journaling here on the blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please share, if you dare!

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Thoughts about thoughts…we are what we think!

Edit: The following post is from 2008. This is the same year I moved to the Gulf Coast of Southern FL and first found the Freedom Teachings, which spoke about Keylontic Science. I was enthralled and my life was forever changed on a personal level. I knew it was always going to come back to this…
“I have recently discovered what might be the most important concept in human cognition. This fundamental truth is the importance of learning how to think correctly. In doing so, one learns to control his or her emotions…which is something most of us have had absolutely no practice doing. In fact, we have been trained by society to let our emotions out…we have been told not to hold anything in…if you’re angry, hurt, scared, etc…then you should embrace this emotion and let it out. Just LET IT OUT! WTF? What a bunch of BS.
While you shouldn’t deny the way you feel, there are much better ways to deal with strong ‘negative’ emotions.
Because we have been programmed to believe such a notion, our emotional maturity is probably at or near the level of a three year old. It’s not our fault…it’s just how we have been ‘raised’ so to speak.
However, there is a way to change this negative way of living, and all it takes is a little redirection with the thoughts that constantly bombard our consciousness every second of every day.”
Edit: We need to learn how to observe our emotions as an outsider within ourselves. I hope that makes sense. I’ve had to update this part since a manuscript which explained ‘the how’ in detail, is no longer online. Fortunately, any credible info about Westernized Buddhism will likely explain this concept to the intrigued reader. It teaches a much better way of dealing with our overactive thoughts.
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