Thoughts about thoughts…we are what we think!

I have recently discovered what might be the most important concept in human cognition.  This fundamental truth is the importance of learning how to think correctly.  In doing so,  one learns to control his or her emotions…which is something most of us have had absolutely no practice doing.   In fact, we have been trained by society to let our emotions out…we have been told not to hold anything in…if you’re angry, hurt, scared, etc…then you should embrace this emotion and let it out.  Just LET IT OUT!!
WTF???  What a bunch of BS.  Because we have been programmed to believe such a notion, our emotional maturity is probably at or near the level of a  three year old.  It’s not our fault…it’s just how we have been “raised” so to speak.  However,  there is a way to change this negative way of living, and all it takes is a little redirection with the thoughts that constantly bombard our consciousness every second of every day.
I have found the most wonderful, life changing article that teaches you step by step how to live life the way it was meant to be lived.   It is 100% free, there is no money to be made here…I just want to share this with as many people as I can.  I feel it’s so important to get this original message out as many of us as possible.  There are other works on this topic on the site that I have not had the time to check out yet.   But please do yourself a huge favor and read this manuscript.

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